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Le Koko Collectif



Good content is the key to build a long lasting and genuine communication with your customers. Using the right media platform to catch the right target market makes the core of our approach to creating a content that best reflects the culture of a brand. We know that success only comes with strategically designing the content and tailor fitting it to every single platform.


We belive, a well planned and impactful social media presence is the new super hero. Our philosophy is to boost the quantity ❤️s  on the touch screens, without comprimising from the quality of the touches on the ❤️s.


The moving pictures is the best way to get your customers engaged and eager to share your story. And a good idea combined with in-house production is the secret to create a catchy social video or a beautifully crafted short film.  


In the midst of a crazy digital data storm, we still believe that nothing beats the smell of freshly printed paper. We passionately love developing ideas and designs that embodies itself in the pixels of a catalogue or a concept magazine.


Since the day it was born, our online magazine, blank-mag, won the hearts of many loyal readers by creating original and inspiring content. Some of this content also provided an alternative for brands to develop a meaningful, uncommercial communication with editorial depth. Would you like us to use this expertise in creating your own online magazine?


For us, the same old faces drinking champagne and posing in front of the branded banner is not the definition of an event. A true event should be a highly theatrical occasion to get people and the press talking about your brand.


We can of course get you the most popular celebrity of the day as long as you are willing to spend a fortune. However we don't believe popularity alone is the key to long lasting success. We like to work with talents that will best reflect your campaign and love to be the first one to discover the future celebrity.